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If you want to know how to edit video using your iPad, then the first port of call will be iMovie for iPad. Obviously, the application made by Apple that is so highly regarded for editing videos on your Mac is going to be pretty good. What we are going to look at now though is, a very good alternative to iMovie on iPad – the Pinnacle video editing software. Pinnacle Studio, basically is the Avid Studio software which has been renamed after it was taken over by Corel. Corel is a very good company with a background in design software, but does have a couple of Mac or Apple-based software packages. The digital painting software called Painter which is by Corel is used by digital artists worldwide. I would buy it myself, but for the fact I find it is quite expensive.

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How to edit videos with Pinnacle Studio

Have a look at the video that is part of this article in which I show you how to get started with Pinnacle. I give you my first impressions of the software, when I use it for the first time to edit video that I shot with the iPad camera. While I was shooting the video, I did make a mistake by using the front camera to record. So in the finished edited piece the video of myself was at a low resolution. Otherwise when using Pinnacle software to edit video on the iPad, it is a very good experience.

Where to edit videos – Answer, on the iPad, of course

At the time of writing this article it would be silly of you not to get a copy of Pinnacle Avid iPad video software as it has been made available for free. The Avid version will be discontinued while Pinnacle video editing software for iPad will get the love. I think that the free Pinnacle iPad video editing software also got some actual updating as it is became more stable than the Avid version.

It is very easy to select your videos and photos available on your iPad to put into your edited piece. As you would expect on a device like the iPad, it is just a matter of drag and drop. Well, in fact it is touch and hold to drag and then drop into the timeline, very easy. When I first used it, I did make a small mistake of dropping the video into the audio area of the timeline. By doing this I found that, you can just take the audio from a video to use in your video editing timeline. Once I had dropped the video into the correct position, I was able to see both the video and audio of the video clip I had chosen. It is possible to trim the clip that you use before dropping it into the timeline.

How to edit videos on the iPad

iPad Pinnacle video editing tutorial

This initial video is all about first impressions and getting started with your first video project in Pinnacle. The NoStylus website will be producing more tutorial videos, getting into more depth on the various tools and capabilities of the application. Watch a few of these and you will soon know how to edit videos using just your iPad. You will be able to use music that you have available on the iPad as well as your own photos and video. In the next NoStylus iPad video about Pinnacle Studio we will take a close look at what you can do with the timeline.

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