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Using VPN iPad Applications or a VPN for iPad Service

VPN iPad or virtual private network and Internet tunnel

If you’re looking for complete anonymity and privacy than what you probably need is VPN for iPad, a virtual private network. What this is is a secure tunnel from where you are doing your surfing, be that from within an iPad or if you are using a desktop or laptop computer, into the Internet. What a VPN will do is to protect your data from it being overheard, while it is passing through the public part of the Internet. Use one of these VPN services and applications and you will be safe, while using a Wi-Fi hotspot in a public place, such as in a Starbucks, or in any other public hotspot. A of making sure you don’t have any iPad security issues.

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Be in a different country with a VPN iPad app

There are some websites and applications, that will restrict your access based upon where the Internet says that you are. For example if you are a British citizen, like Johnny English the super spy that enjoys British television, while you are on holiday in another country(spying). Wouldn’t it be great to be able to fool the BBC website into thinking that you’re still back in England, so that it allows you to watch the latest shows, that you are missing on the television.

VoIP and VPN for iPad

If you’re using a VPN then you could use it to get around ISP blocks, that are placed on the VoIP services such as Skype for example. If you’re using a VPN then there’s no reason why you can’t use a VoIP service from just about anywhere.

Ipad security issues VPN for iPad

Nobody knows who you are with VPN iPad

What the VPN will do, is to assign your computer, iPad with a new IP address. This new IP address will make you anonymous to all web applications, where this can be useful is because attacks are more often than not, directed at known IP addresses. A VPN is better than using a proxy server, because the VPN is secured for all of your Internet connections including e-mail, FTP, chat services, in fact anything that uses the Internet connection. It is important to have good [iPad security].

How do you go about getting a VPN for iPad

One way would be to find a VPN service that you have had recommended, and one that I heard about is called Witopia. I heard about it from the technology journalist from the Chicago Sun Times Andy Inatko, when he was speaking an Podcast, I was listening to. He said that it worked well, I looked, saw the price and decided to give it a go. The cost is a reasonable $39 per year. Mainly I wanted it to be able to use the BBC iPlayer which had been locking me out, as I’m based in Spain. I can report that it is in fact working very well. So far I am only using it on my main computer, but I can also use it on my iPad, when I get around to setting it up. It wasn’t too difficult to set up, a little bit geeky, but I was able to contact one of their operatives, to get some help.

Another way to get yourself VPN for iPad is to download one of the VPN applications. There is a VPN application called VPN fire and another called VPN Express. The advantage of using an application for the iPad for iPhone to set up your VPN, is that it will help you get around some of the geeky settings, that you would have to otherwise putting yourself.

By the look of it, the way that these VPN applications work, that are free to download, is that they give you a trial VPN service. If you need to have longer time connected then you can pay to use the service. Most likely using in app purchases.

Using VPNfire VPN iPad application

VPN for iPad

You get complete anonymity and privacy, the service doesn’t keep any logs of your Internet use. They have over 50 servers in the United States, which is okay, but then I need one in Britain, for my BBC viewing. In the details for the application, they claim that it is auto set up and very simple using profiles. You could be up and running with VPNfire very quickly after downloading the application.

Using VPN Express

When you register with the VPN Express service, you get 100 MB of data transfer free. After that, they are upfront in that they expect you to pay for the connection, where you can have 24 7 availability. VPN Express say that their service is optimised for IOS devices, including the iPad and the iPhone, so you shouldn’t be complaining about the speed of the service. This service is using a 128 bit encrypted tunnel between your iPad and the servers you get to use, belonging to VPN Express.

The cost of using VPN iPad

Data transfer does have to be paid for, although if you are a small user of a service, you might be able to get away with the free amount of data transfer you get when you sign up. Looking at some of the possible VPN iPad purchases you can make in iTunes, there is quite a variety of services from 30 days of VPN for iPad at €.79 to 60 days of VPN for €2.39. Or instead of purchasing per a particular number of days you can pay for a certain amount of data transfer, such as 5 GB of data transfer for €2.99, or 20 GB of data transfer for €8.99. Really all you can do is to check out a number of the services, to find the best fit to match the use that you make of your iPad.

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Peace of Mind with the iPad – iPad Security Issues

iPad Security Issues – Security Of Files On The iPad

When I press the home button and move across the slider on my iPad, it goes directly into the applications. Did you know that you can set a pass code from within the settings of the iPad? To do this, what you need to do is to go to the settings application, it is the one with a bit of a gear wheel within the icon. Then go to the general tab and look for the pass code lock. Tap on the passcode lock and you will be prompted to enter your passcode, this will be a 4 digit number. When you put this in the first time you will be asked to confirm the pass code. This is so that you confirm that you have the right passcode entered and I suspect it is so that you can memorise it more easily.

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iPad Security – Setting A Pass Code

You can set it so that the iPad will erase all of the data on your iPad, after ten failed to passcode attempts. Your data protection will be enabled. Once you have set your passcode it is possible for you if you wish, to turn the pass code off. You’ll also see that there is a button within that area, that you can use if you want to change the passcode.

iPad Security Issues – Using Dropbox For iPad

What else can you do to protect your data? If you’re using Dropbox for iPad you may be aware of the concerns that there have been regards using Dropbox. The files that are in Dropbox iPad are not encrypted and the dropbox Company to have access to files. Recently they have stated that they would give over files to the authorities, if they are legally asked or enforced to do so. To a certain extent, one should realise that any files that you put on the cloud are not truly private. The recommendation would be that you should encrypt files yourself using encryption software, if you have data that you do not want to release to the world. Dropbox is a useful way to move or copy files to iPad.

iPad Security Software

Safe  iPad security issues

Keeping your data safe. There is an application called safe that is available for the iPad. Your information within this application is protected by a password and it also uses strong 256 bit encryption. Obviously you do have to bear in mind, that it is only the information that you keep within this application that is going to be protected. If you do need to carry around information about your credit cards or bank accounts, lists of addresses or even plain text files that have sensitive information, then this Safe application, could be what you’re looking for. You are also able to encrypt images that are from your camera or photo library.

iPad Internet security

VPN iPad security

When you are using your iPad, perhaps in your local Starbucks, in a hotel lobby or at the airport while waiting for a flight, you should be aware of iPad Internet security. You might want to consider using an app which gives you a virtual private network, VPN, as this would protect you from a man in the middle attack. As well as hiding your location, a VPN will give you anonymity and give you a secure encrypted connection to the Internet. This could be a thing you might do if you regularly connect to your bank account, while using a Wi-Fi hotspot and could give you some peace of mind.

Just remember that, just because you are paranoid, it doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you.

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Cars from Disney coming to an iPad near you

Disney cars racing on the iPad

As company called Venturebeat that have created an application which works on the iPad. The game actually interacts with small toy cars which you run across the top of the iPad. The iPad will recognise which car is sitting on top of it, so if for instance is the broken down old type of vehicle that only ever has one headlight working, only one headlight will show within the application. The application has a night-time view as well as a daytime view.

Well you don’t have to be a small child, boy or girl, to think this is really cool and want to have this app and a couple of these cars anyway. The video shows that there are 4 cars available, and it seems that you buy them in packs of 2 for about $20. You can drive these cars around in the landscape provided by the application, going on the road or going off-road. As part of the environment in the game you will be invited to take part in races. That is a natural the film was all about an old racing car that’s found himself in a different environment, good old Lightning McQueen.

Lightning McQueen take the lead and wins the race

When you are taking part in the race with one of the cars it is a bit like a demolition derby. You can crash into or bump other cars taking part in the race, as well as run into various things around the racetrack. You’ll find that there are 6 different races available in the application when it launches, so it looks like you will have quite a lot of fun playing with your toy cars on top of your iPad. You would hope of course that the cars are going to be safe, so that the top of the iPad doesn’t get scratched.

When your car wins a race it will be awarded points and with these points you can buy special fuel which will make it go faster in the next race. You can even trick out your car with some rocket power. How on earth are you going to lose a race when you have rocket power available, unless it makes it impossible to control of course. And with some of the cars is even possible to add a missile launcher, so that you can shoot things and blow them up.

More to come in future versions of the app

In future versions of the game the designers will be adding stories that come from Cars 2. In the version that will be launched the environment is all about Radiator Springs and you will see that the game reacts differently depending on whether it is day or night. The only thing to say about this game is – I want it and I want it now.

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Handbrake Presets on Handbrake on Windows and Handbrake for Mac

Handbrake on Windows – Handbrake presets

When it comes down to converting video, there is a myriad of settings, that you can play with and ultimately completely mess up. You have a variety of codecs that get wrapped inside various file types and it is not just the video part of the file that you have to deal with, but also the audio. And it is for that reason why we have a number of iPad video conversion software tools that have included a number of easy presets. Handbrake is one of the better conversion tools, for taking a large variety of different types of video and converting them to specific file types, so that they can be played on a variety of devices. You even have Handbrake for Windows as well as for Linux. Let us have a look at some of the Handbrake presets.

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Mac, Windows and Linux all have Handbrake presets

I have just been looking at the website for Handbrake on Windows, where there is a screenshot of Handbrake on the Microsoft platform and compared to the Mac version of the application, there are fewer Handbrake presets. It could be that the screenshot is an older screenshot and newer versions have more presets available. I expect that to be the case, because in the list of Apple presets there is no iPad in the list. The iPad has been around long enough now and there has been some updates of Handbrake since the iPad hit the scene. I feel sure that there must be an iPad preset within Handbrake on Windows.

HandBrake 1

Handbrake presets for easy video conversion

On all of the versions of Handbrake, that is Handbrake for Mac, Handbrake on Windows and the Handbrake for Linux, you can use the presets, or if you wish, completely mess it all up with all of the advanced settings. For this reason, I would highly recommend that you were to do your video conversions in as few clicks as possible. That means to open up the preset section of Handbrake on Windows or your preferred platform. (Mine is a Mac, I think you might have guessed that already.) Click on the preset that you require, after you have told Handbrake where your source video is, then click the start button.

The letter boxing effect even when using Handbrake presets

Because the iPad screen dimensions have been designed to accommodate a page size rather than a widescreen video shape, you will get the letterbox effect, that is the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. It shouldn’t really affect your enjoyment of the movie, and it doesn’t affect the quality of the video conversion. The iPad screen dimensions have been dictated by the need to mostly use applications based on the shape of a piece of paper, such as the European A4, or the old-fashioned American letter size. If we had an iPad that was of the 16:9 ratio shape of a widescreen movie, it would be strange to use in all of the non-movie applications.

Converting video for the iPad with Handbrake iPad presets

Ipad HandBrake settings

It is truly simple to do this task, if you are only needing to convert my file just to play on the iPad. You might have to make some choices about the best type of file conversion preceptor to work with of the Handbrake presets, is when you want to have a file which will also work on something else such as, the Apple TV, a smart phone, (whether it be an Android or an iOS device), as well as having the video play on the iPad.

Smart phone, iPad, Apple TV – choices

If you choose the file size that is most suitable for working on the iPhone in the Handbrake presets, then you will have no problem with also playing that on the iPad too. The only thing is, is that the quality of the video will not be as high when you play it on the iPad, as it will have to scale up. The iPad does not have any problem in playing files which are the size for the Apple TV which is 1280 x 720, which is one of the high definition video sizes. It may also be possible to play that same file on an iPhone, the only thing to consider, will be the file size and the amount of space you have available on your smart phone.

Doing it for free with Handbrake on Windows and Handbrake presets

When you want to convert files from whatever format to the format you need to play properly and with quality on the iPad, you will be spoilt for choice. There are a large number of programs and applications available, some of them you will have to pay for and some of them are free. For the most part there is no advantage to actually paying money for one of these free video converters and you will find that Handbrake on Windows and Handbrake for Mac are both free applications. You will also find that the speed of the conversion is just the same, whichever program you are using, only faster or slower depending upon your computer hardware.

The Amazing iPad

What video conversion software are you using?

Leave a comment below in this post and let us know which video conversion software you think is the best. Or if you prefer, go to the contacts page and there you can send me an e-mail. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say about Handbrake presets, or which ever software you are using. Handbrake for Windows, how is it working for you?

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Let the iPad Applications Tell You What Does the iPad do

What does the iPad do – For the new iPad user

To check out what does the iPad do, aside from borrowing an iPad with a huge number of applications already installed on it, by somebody else, then one way to find out would be to have a look in the App Store in iTunes. If you click on the App Store drop-down list you will see the way that the iPad apps are divided up into types of application based on areas of use. Apple does have a section at the top of this list, that has sections for iWork iPad apps, business class apps, games centre, apps starter kit and the games starter kit. For somebody totally new to using the iPad, this would be a good place to start with your research into what does the iPad do.

iWork iPad apps in the iTunes iPad App Store

Pretty simple, in this area you have the office type applications for the iPad as produced by Apple. Numbers which is a great looking spreadsheet, Pages for your word processing, and to a certain extent it will do your basic desktop publishing, and Keynote for your presentations. In many ways these applications are preferable to the office applications that you would get from Microsoft. The iWork apps will work well and synchronise with your desktop applications of the same name. Apart from Numbers the applications are suitable for ordinary users as well as the power user. The Numbers application is great for what you might expect to do on the iPad with a spreadsheet, but don’t expect to be able to run fancy macros.

What does the iPad do iPad business class

Fllight Track Pro

In this section you will find applications which will be applicable to the business user. Upon opening this area you will see applications such as WebEx for iPad, Flight Track Pro, Go Docs for Google Docs, Voice Memos for iPad, Dropbox for iPad and Office squared HD. All of the usual suspects really, with regards to business type of applications, covering areas such as finance, travel, general business usage including database and the business utilities. There are also a few reference applications such as Wolfram Alpha, Wikipanion plus for iPad and the Wall Street Journal newspaper.

Apart from the business applications, which could be useful to almost any business user, you will find some suggested applications in business class that are a little bit specific to a task. One such application in the feature list is teleprompter plus for iPad. This is an excellent application if you want to speak into a camera and look more professional while you’re making that sort of talking head video.

What does the iPad do

App Store essentials – apps starter kit

With regards to what does the iPad do, this list of applications covers a wide variety of applications which are a testament to the adaptability of the iPad to so many different tasks. You will see applications here suitable for artists, education, lifestyle, such as cooking, music and just about anything that you can think of.

For example, in this section you will find an app for Marvel comics. The aficionados of comics have been raving about the comic applications for the iPad, because of the excellent reading experience of the graphic novels. You are able to carry around a large number of comics with you, to read while you are travelling on the bus, aeroplane or train. The comics application allows you to zoom into sections of the comic for better readability, as well as being able to see the whole page to enjoy the full experience.

Game Centre

Games starter kit – It’s playtime

The featured games applications in this area in the version of iTunes I am looking at, I can see Plants versus Zombies, Flight Control, Real Racing and Scrabble for iPad. It is only showing a small selection of games and you would need to look into the full games section of the iPad store to get the full picture of all of the games that are available for the iPad. As you might expect the games area for the iPad is huge. There is everything in there from the simple five minute game, to play while waiting in a queue, to the massive game like Infinity Blade that you would need to sit down and devote a lot more time to.

What does the iPad do – How long is a bit of string

To get an answer to the question of what does the iPad do, have a look at the list in the App Store and you will see everything in there from books to weather, business to games, finance to sports, social networking to medical and entertainment to productivity and even more than that. In future posts on the Amazing iPad website we will have a look at each of these areas in more detail.

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iPad Microphone To Use For Recording Audio – Best iPad Mic

The iPad does have sound facilities for recording. There is an iPad microphone and it is sensitive enough that you will be able to record within a meeting, or in a classroom. Because of the sensitivity of the microphone, I’d suggest that you would want to have a fairly quiet room, with just one or two persons speaking. If you have a larger number of people speaking at the same time, then you will not be so likely to get a very good recording. Although the internal iPad Mic is quite good for general use, there are other options for external microphones.

The Amazing iPad

Making Audio Recordings With the iPad Microphone

I have seen in a number of online stores, there are external microphones that are very inexpensive to buy and don’t have any cables, they just simply plug-in to the microphone jack on the iPad. Even though they are cheap microphones, they are very sensitive and will actually perform better, than the internal microphone that is included with the iPad. Whatever type of computer you are using, this is always the case that an external microphone will allow you to make better sound recordings.


free applications

iPad microphone and The iPad as a Skype Phone

These small thumb tack type of microphones can also include a speaker, and with this you can have the iPad work as a Skype phone. These microphones will also work with the iPod touch. The price of these tiny microphones generally work out at between $5 and $10, so you could buy a couple of different models and try them out. To use as a Skype phone you will also need to be connected to the Internet, either by Wi-Fi or 3G.

iPad Microphone iRig

The next step up from the expensive microphones would be the iRig microphone. This is a microphone that is designed especially for the iPad, it has a cable that connects into a special connector that fits into the iPad. The connector gives you a place to plug-in some headphones or speakers, so that you are able to listen back to your recordings. The microphone itself is a hand-held microphone, on the end of a cable, it looks quite professional and is similar to the Shure SM 58 in looks. The iRig iPad microphone also comes with extra software and the makers recommend that the microphone can be used for creation of music and also for voice type recordings, such as a podcast.

There are a number of voice recording applications, music recording applications and digital audio applications for iPad. One particular audio recording software of note, for the iPad would be Garageband. I have only just bought Garageband for the iPad, so I will have to have a play with it first before I can give you a review of it here on the website. I am very much looking forward to having a play with Garageband and using a microphone iPad.

iPhone Headset Used As An iPad Microphone

When I am speaking into the iPad, using the DragonDictate software, I quite often use the headset from my iPhone, which has a microphone for iPad included. For the purpose of dictation the microphone on the headset is good enough for the job. If I were to use that microphone for other uses, such as for recording voice overs, then I would be disappointed, when compared to using my Behringer B2 studio microphone.

When using the iPad Mic for taking audio notes, you will find that there are a large number of note taking applications that you will be able to record your voice. iPad audio note taking is popular with students and can also be used in business meetings. It can be especially handy, when you are using a note taking application that synchronises the typed or handwritten notes along with the audio recorded with your iPad microphone. What is the best mic for iPad?

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Getting the iPad Cheaper – Could an iPad Price Reduction? Happen

iPad Price Reduction – What Are the Chances?

It is quite unlikely that there will be a price reduction of the iPad within the near future. This is largely down to marketing economics and the relationship of the demand for the iPad with the supply of it. Apple seem to be making the iPad as fast as it is possible, and they’ve even taken steps to increase the manufacture of the device. Foxcon, who are the maker of the iPad in China, have branched out to build a factory in Brazil, so that more iPads can be made. Foxcon have invested $12 billion in the creation of the new factory and the world supply of iPads will benefit from this. The users of the iPad within Brazil, will benefit hugely, because they will be able to buy an iPad cheaper, because up until now there has been a large import tax or duty for the Brazilian iPad owners to pay. Despite the increasing manufacture of the iPad with a new factory, the demand for the iPad increases and will not lead to a worldwide iPad price reduction.

iPad price reduction

Currency changes and an iPad price reduction

Within a specific currency market or country, if the currency changes sufficiently in relation to the dollar, then there could be the possibility of an iPad price reduction. This has been seen in the past with other Apple products, most notably recently, with Apple products in Switzerland. It is not in relation to any need by Apple to reduce the price due to manufacturing economics, or a need to be able to sell the product.

The Amazing iPad

iPad price reduction – cost and the value

When a new model of the iPad is introduced, quite often we see that the price will stay the same. The value of the products in comparison to the cost of it, to the end user will be higher than with the previous model, due to the higher technology being available at the same price. It could almost be said that there is an iPad price reduction, in as much as you are getting more for your money. It seems that we see what can the iPad can do and we just want one.

Apple is an extremely profitable company, and the products produced by the computer company from Cupertino, are always highly desirable high end devices. The design of the devices and the perceived excellence of the Apple computers, are such that Apple could probably even increase prices and still sell as many in the computer market. Although there will come a point in the process it will just seen as Apple being greedy. Seems like that Apple have the price just spot on for now.

It is because the iPad is available at a number of price levels, that there will be a suitable iPad for a variety of depth of wallet. This, perhaps, allows the iPad sales to increase overall. When somebody is not able to buy the highest end of the iPad range, then they are able to cut their cloth accordingly, and buy a cheaper model. There you have another reason why it is not going to be happening soon, that there will be an iPad price reduction.

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Getting a Battery Extender For iPad to Watch More Movies on the iPad

ZAGGsparq battery extender for iPad

If you are likely to be going on a long flight, that could be more than 10 hours long, then you might be interested in an iPad battery extender. There is a product called the ZAGGsparq 2, that will help you keep your iPad running if you’re not able to sit in the business travel area and be able to plug in your iPad. The iPad battery does last an awful long time anyway, but there are occasions where something like the ZAGGsparq, will save the battery life of your iPad, just when you need it.

ZaggSparq battery extender for iPad

Benefits of a battery extender for iPad

The ZAGGsparq battery extender for iPad, will not only charge your iPad, but will also work with most USB charged gadgets. It is no problem to also be able to keep charged, your cellphones, digital cameras or your handheld gaming devices. It is fairly small and it will fit easily into a pocket or a bag, so that it is great for when you are travelling.

The ZAGGsparq 2 gives you 2 USB charging ports, one of them is optimised and the other one is for general use. By optimised, ZAGGsparq means that it is better for the smart phones that need a specific type of charging voltage or wattage. This includes the iPad, the iPod and the iPhone. The other port, which is a standard USB specification, basically is for any other devices that you require to charge via USB.

Specifications of a battery extender for iPad

  • The ZAGGsparq has 6000 mA hours of battery power with a lithium polymer battery, it has dual USB outlets with a digital LED display. On the ZAGGsparq website page it claims that it will give the iPhone four full charges, not sure how that translates into how long it will keep your iPad running, but it will keep your iPad running for quite a bit longer than the standard amount of time.
  • There are four yellow lights that indicate how much power is left in the iPad battery extender. It’ll tell you when you have 100% 75% 50% and 25% of power left. As it has the ability to charge more than one USB device at the same time, bear in mind that if you have 2 devices connected, the amount of power will not last as long.
  • The weight of the ZAGGsparq battery extender for iPad is 192g and the size of it is, 89 mm x 89 mm x 25.4 mm. So you can see that the dimensions of the product is very good, if you need to carry it anywhere, it will fit nicely, in one of your pockets.
  • If you have one or two of these ZAGGsparq iPad battery extender devices in your bag, then you will be able to get a good few more hours of enjoyment from using your iPad. Or if you are using the iPad for business, you will get more time to able to work creating content with your iPad.

Do you have a battery extender?

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What is it about the iPad that makes us love it so much?

Why do we love our iPads?

So what is it about your iPad that you love the most and what are some of the features that you would like to see in the future? This is a discussion from my LinkedIn group and it is quite a good useful group to belong to, you’ll find out more about your iPad as well as being part of a community of iPad users. As you would expect from a question like this which is pretty open, there are quite a lot of difference reasons that iPad users love their iPad. You will see from the comments of others what does the iPad do.

This is what a few people had to say about their iPads

  • Oscar says that he loves the fact that his iPad is always on and online. He likes that it is possible to download an app wirelessly as well as the fact that the iPad is super portable that allows him to take anywhere.

  • Bill has more of a metaphysical view of why he loves his iPad. He says that when an iPad app is launched a transitive process occurs, taking him on a journey, far away from the device and deep into an experience that is focused like a laser on the subject intended by the designer of the application. According to Bill this process is a magical process unlike any other tablet and using the device falls away from your consciousness, so that in its place emerges and experience. Wow Bill that is deep!

  • Don says that short of serious worker type of things, he gravitates to the iPad to do everything. It is for the management of daily life such as calendars, e-mail, tasks, social media, access to the news and the ability to be able to retrieve every document, whether that document is on the iPad or out there on the cloud.

  • David says that there are so many reasons that he loves his iPad, that to name a few of them would not be enough, and not fair to the other reasons that he might leave out. He says he would like it to Bill to walk the dog for him, and doesn’t believe that will not be possible in the future. Well I am quite happy to walk my dog, but I would like it if the iPad could make tea for me.

  • Acácio simply says that the iPad is something that he has been dreaming about it since he was five years old. Obviously it was a good dream and they must be delighted that his dream has come true.

  • There is another David that has commented in this LinkedIn discussion that agrees a move that the iPhone size is just too small. His eyes must be in need of spectacles, as are mine. Like me he thinks that the iPad is just the right size, not too big and not too small, and even Goldilocks would be happy with it.

What would you like to say about how much you love your iPad

What are your thoughts about the iPad and why it is that you love it. Post a comment here or join us in the LinkedIn group – iPhone iPad Group.

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What is an iPad Used For? Depends on Who You Ask!

What is an iPad used for? – good question

It is a very good question, what is an iPad used for, and the answer is going to depend largely on who you are asking. For example, if you are asking me the question, then I’m likely to say that it is good for finding information, such as the name of actress in the film, that I am watching. I was also say that is good for doing some work with a mind map, for getting some ideas out of my head and into some manageable format. Then I’m quite likely to use that set of ideas, that have been turned into text in an application, that is a note taking application, good for dealing with text, either in straight text format or in perhaps the outline format as used by something like Omni outliner.
The Amazing iPad

I am really not too much into playing games, but every now and then I might fling a few birds around in Angry Birds. I do have Infinity Blade installed on the iPad, and I keep promising to have a go at it, quite soon. If you get talking to the sort of persons, that are really into playing games then it seems that the iPad really is a good device for playing games on. There are a large number of games in the Apple iPad application store to choose from. So when you are wondering what is an iPad are used for, and you are looking for some entertainment, it could be that you are into the wandering around shooting zombies, type of game, and then again maybe you are looking for something that is more like a puzzle.

Using an iPad for business, and the answers you get to your question, of what is an iPad are used for, will be different again. There are a large number of applications that have been built especially for a business. It is economically feasible for a large business to have an application created that specifically solves a problem for that business. Quite possibly could be a database that is accessed from the iPad, so that the business people using the iPad will be able to have access to the information required to be successful. Some of these applications will not necessarily be found in the Apple iPad application store and will be distributed locally within the company.

There are some applications such as Bento for iPad, which are general-purpose applications, which can be turned to a variety of tasks. Bento for iPad is a database that is extremely versatile, although it is not a fully relational database. If you need a fully relational database then you can get an application which will work with MySQL and there are others that will work with the big databases like FileMaker.Filemaker Go

Quite likely a business user with the iPad will also be interested in spreadsheets. Dealing with the data that is contained with sets of numbers, and turning them into good-looking charts, that can be used for organising the business. Note taking applications will also be high on the list for business users, Phatpad for handwriting recognition for within meetings and straight note taking applications such as Nebulous Notes or PlainText.

What is an iPad used for – Getting social

Whether you are a business user, iPad on the sofa user, or a gamer, you going to be quite interested in the social networking applications. Many businesses these days are looking for ways to increase the amount of business and sales by using social networking. It seems that just about every day, I receive an e-mail telling me about a webinar that has all the information, about everything required to use Facebook for business purposes.

Twitterific  what is an iPad used forThere are a mountain of Twitter applications, my favourite would be Twitterrific, although I also have TweetDeck, Twitbird Pro on the iPad and I also have tried a few others. An application that I really enjoy using, which is great for a number of different social networking applications, is Flipboard. With Flipboard you can use it to see what is happening in Facebook, the best thing about Flipboard, is the way that it takes your feed from Facebook and presents it in a almost a newspaper like fashion, on the screen and makes it very easy to read. It is in some ways a kind of like a book and you can swipe from right to left to move to the next page. It will have the first part of the story and images that have been included, if you tap on the first part of the story in Flipboard, it will take you to the full article. Then you can tap on the small arrow in the top left-hand corner to get back to the Flipboard interface.

FlipboardYou can also use Flipboard to show RSS feeds, for instance from your favourite blog or from Google reader. It will also bring in a feed from a search in Twitter, so that for instance if you are interested in tech, it will bring in all the tweets on that subject and arrange them in Flipboard, so that you can read it really easily.

What is an iPad are used for – Consuming information

When you are asking what is an iPad used for, the answer of consuming information from various sources, has to be a popular answer. On my iPad I have the BBC News application, net newswire, which is an RSS reader and there are now a large number of magazines that are available either through the Apple iPad store or as HTML 5 magazines. If you want to see how good an HTML 5 magazine can be, have a look at the aside HTML 5 magazine, and I’m sure you will be impressed.

The reason that the HTML 5 magazine format, is popular with some publishers is because it gets around the Apple taking a part of the payment for the magazine, their commission, for including it in their Apple Store. A number of newspapers such as the London Times are experimenting with this way forward. Another reason for doing it this way is because the magazine or newspaper gets more information about who their customers are. And also perhaps, more importantly, it gets to know what their credit card numbers are, too, it makes it easier for them to up sell with other products.

The Amazing iPad

Creating Content with the iPad

There are a lot more things that could be said about what is an iPad used for. There are content creators start making videos completely within the iPad using the camera on the rear of the iPad, and iMovie as the application of choice for editing the video. For consuming the video you have the video application, there is also the YouTube video application. Watching videos on the iPad is an extremely popular way of using the iPad. We have audio experts that will be using applications such as Garageband, to create music or podcasts. Then you can also be using applications such as Stitcher, for consuming the audio content.

I am sure that with this article I am only scratching the surface of what is an iPad used for. Please send me an e-mail using the form below, to let me know how would you answer the question of what is an iPad used for. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say and I would be pleased to put your answers into another article and credit you with what you have to say about how you use your iPad. I will also put a link back to your website for you, if your information is included in the article.

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