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MobileMe Transforms Into iCloud and Gets Useful For Free

First there was .Mac, that transformed into Mobileme and that will be coming out as iCloud in the autumn of 2011. According to Steve jobs Mobileme was not their finest hour, but iCloud really does look like it’s going to be really very useful for all Apple users.

iCloud is going to be the way effortless in the way it works, automatic and with no effort on our part. iCloud is already integrated into your Apple applications such as Keynote and Pages and it will allow you to access your content on all of your devices, best of all it will be free with iOS 5.

ICloud documents

Better than DropBox

The Amazing iPad

We already use Dropbox, at least most of us do anyway. And that is kind of like a hard drive in the sky, it is envisioned that iCloud will be more than that because it will do more things automatically. Every time you create content on any of your devices including your Mac computers, the content will be pushed to iCloud and then pushed down to your other iCloud connected devices.


MobileMe was Pretty Good

I did try Mobileme for one year in the paid version and I really was very happy with the way it was so easy to connect with another devices. To login to Mobileme and to have all of my contacts, bookmarks and calendar events suddenly available on the new device was brilliant. Obviously, what is going to be better with iCloud is that it is going to be free. With iCloud we will still get instant access to our applications, like our photographs and our music. And just the same as before, the e-mails contacts and calendars will be up-to-date over all of our Apple devices.



5GB of Storage Free with iCloud

For free with iCloud we get 5 GB of storage and that is going to be a lot of storage space for most people because iCloud stores our content in a very economic way. The 5 GB will not include the purchased music, applications, books. The photos in the Photo Stream will also not be counted in the free amount of storage.

Will We ever Get a Scrivener for iPad

The iCloud features are already available within Pages and Keynote and other Apple applications, but Apple have made the code available to third party developers so that we will also be able to have our documents from those apps transferred into iCloud and then also into our other Apple devices. As a Scrivener for the Mac user I will be disappointed that it is unlikely that we will get a Scrivener for iPad application, even though it is possible to have our data from Scrivener sync to a folder and used via Dropbox on the iPad. It is also possible to sync Scrivener on the Mac so that we can use the text within Simplenote on the iPad and continue our writing work, but it would be useful to have a Scrivener for iPad application.

Even if we don’t get Scrivener for iPad, I’m sure that many other third party developers will use the tools to make their applications work with iCloud. It will be possible to paint something in ArtStudio and have that also available on the iPhone and we will be able to create reminders and also have all that informationon all of our other Apple devices.

Apple  iCloud


The iPhone is the Most Popular Camera on Flickr

According to the numbers from the Photo website Flickr one of the most popular cameras is the iPhone and the iPad will also starts being very popular camera there too. The reason for this is because the best camera we have is the one that we have with us at the time. So when we take a photograph now on iOS devices, that photo will be uploaded or synced with the iCloud and then pushed to all our other iOS devices that has Photo Stream which is part of iCloud. iCloud will automatically send a copy of any photos as we take then over any available Wi-Fi network and it will do up to 1000 photos. Those photos are stored on the Photo Stream for 30 days, and we have enough time to be able to move photos that we want to keep to the camera roll on iOS device or to another album on our Macs.


Photo Stream – A Rolling Collection of 1000 Photos

The Photo Stream is like a rolling collection of our last 1000 photographs and all new photographs will appear on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. You can save your best photos easily if you just move into a photo album.


If you have an Apple TV you are also going to be able to view your new photos on your high-definition television in a special photo frame album that will allow you to see photos that are stored in iCloud.

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Some interesting new things coming in iOS 5 and iCloud

There is quite a lot of talk around at the moment about iOS 5 and this is because for $99 you can get a developer account with Apple and you get full access to the preview of IOS 5. Not all of us though are willing to spend the $99 to become a developer or a let’s have a look developer and we would like to know what other things are going to be available in iOS which is due to come out in autumn.

Let’s have a look at some of the not so well known features that are coming, that will make the Apple mobile devices even better to use in our daily lives. Will we have to learn how to use the iPad
The Amazing iPad

Custom vibration patterns

Custom vibration patterns is one of the options that is part of the accessibility which is added in iOS 5 for people that might be able to hear too well, so they can feel the vibration tone instead. It seems that you will be able to assign a custom vibration notification pattern to a specific contact. Apple are very good in their desire to offer accessibility options and some of the features that are available within that package, are good and useful for fully sighted people who have no hearing problems to deal with.

Custom Text Shortcuts

There are a number of things coming into iOS 5 which have been available in other applications already. One such feature coming soon in iOS 5 is the shortcut for phrases that you use often. You can for instance type in ddate instead of the word date, so that is differentiated and it will fill in a whole amount of text such as the whole complete date including the time. At least that is how the snippets work in TextExpander.

You could have a shortcut such as omg for ‘Oh my God’ which could be entered into a text message with just those three letters. I will be continuing to use TextExpander seeing as I have the application for both my iPad and also for my iPhone.

A good Feature for photographers

A lot of people will be very happy to be able to use the button on the side of the iPhone as a shutter trigger for the camera but you can also use the button on the headset microphone to take a picture. With this facility of using the headset switch that is on the microphone you should be able to make photographs that do not have any motion blur that you get sometimes by tapping directly onto the camera.

The New Notifications Method of iOS 5

Another feature that many users are looking forward to is the notifications feature. The notifications will appear on the lock screen and you can swipe them to unlock the iPhone or iPod and go to the application that gave the notification directly. That could save quite a lot of time and annoyance with the notifications as presented on iOS 5.

Hopefully there will be choices about which notifications arrive on the screen. I am seeing in the pictures that people are showing, views of a stocks notification which is only of any use if you’re interested in seeing what is happening to the stock market, and I am not. Same with the weather notifications, I prefer to just look out of the window to see what the weather is doing.

Twitter Integrated into iOS 5

Twitter has already entered mainstream and it now it seems that it will be integrated as part of iOS 5. It could have been good if Facebook were to be integrated into iOS 5 also, but it seems that Apple and Facebook were unable to make a deal that suited both parties.

The news from WWDC 2011 was wide and all encompassing with the iCloud and iOS 5 as well as the incoming OSX Lion. It is an exciting time to be a Mac user.

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Using a Behringer B2 Microphone – Podcaster Microphone

Behringer B 2 PRO Dual Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

When you become serious about your podcasting and it’s quite likely that you want to get a really good quality microphone such as the Behringer B-2 Pro, instead of using a cheap microphone. The Behringer B2 Pro is a dual diaphragm high-performance condenser microphone for the studio. If you are a singer or other type of vocalist you’ll find it very good, and you will also find it to be excellent microphone if you want to do some podcasting.

The Amazing iPad

The microphone is very sensitive so you need to have a space where there is no noise, to record your podcasts with the Behringer microphone. This podcaster microphone is a XLR type of microphone which means that you need a XLR connector cable for it to be connected to a mixer. Then you connect from the mixer to your computer. There are Behringer mixers available and you can get them with a number of different audio inputs.

Check out the different type of connections for the mixer, you can get some good ones that work with a FireWire connection or a USB connection. In time there may be mixers that will connect via Thunderbolt. If you are connecting with a lead in to the line in then you’ll probably not be able to separate the audio into separate tracks in a multitrack audio editing software. Firewire or USB is better for that.

There is a technique for using a microphone like this. Don’t speak directly into it even if you are using the pop filter. The best thing to do is to have your mouth close to the microphone, but not directly speaking into the microphone. This way you will avoid the pop sounds that will make the recording sound bad. When you use a microphone properly you will get a good vibrant sound when you’re speaking in your podcast.

The audio editing software that I like to use for making a podcast on my Mac is Amadeus pro. You could also use a microphone like this with Garageband, which is not only for creating podcasts but maybe you are a singer and you would like to create some music tracks. It could would out OK connecting the iPad to the mixer with a cable into the audio in socket, in the same way as the iRig microphone connects.

The Behringer B-2 PRO Dual-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone
is better for studio work. If you are out and about and at someplace where it is noisy, you may find it better to use a dynamic microphone such as the Shure SM58. There are other microphones available that can connect easier, through the USB port and the microphone manufacturer called Blue have some good podcaster microphones such as the Yeti or the Snowball. Good Luck choosing a microphone for podcasting.

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Creating art on the iPad Using ArtStudio and a Stylus

ArtStudio  draw paint and edit photo for iPhone iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App StoreUsing the iPad for drawing is great iPad use for both kids and also for artists, the only difference will be in the finished quality of the work. Using the iPad for drawing like this is also an educational use of the iPad also. Once the old fashioned artist types get their head around using digital media they actually start to love the creative process. It is tough to lose the tactile qualities and feedback you get from using a pencil, art pen or brushes. When you get into using the best stylus, a Boxwave Stylus instead of using your fingers and also see how good it is to be able to change the pencil to a brush so quickly and easily in an app like Art Studio iPad, you will be hooked.

In ArtStudio there is something for everyone, it offers lessons for new users and it also have the breadth of tools that lets you be extremely creative. There are layers that let you leave on part of the drawing in place while you work on another part. You could do a basic outline drawing that you can work over the top of. There is a set of icons at the bottom that you can move out of the way if you want, so you have the full screen to work on. In that row of icons there is the tool chooser, colour palette, layers, shapes, effects, the equivalent of a file menu for import, new image etc and a settings icon. When you touch any of these icon you have the thing pop up that you have chosen. Touch it again to move it out of the way.

Img2210There are so many tools to choose from to list in this article, you have to scroll down to see them all, even in portrait mode. When you are using a brush tool you will also see a couple of sliders at the top to adjust the width and the opacity. You can have two colours loaded up and hit the swap button to change from one to the other easily. There is also a pen dropper tool for choosing a tool from the canvas.

Sometimes I might not be totally happy with a line, circle or fill that I have just put on the drawing and I can use a undo button if it is not possible to use the eraser tool to change it back. There are so many tools and effects that I keep finding new ones to use. Like the custom brushes that you can easily create.
The marks that you make are very fluid and painterly and you can of course do things like squeeze a tube of paint to have a colour that you can then move around and manipulate with the smudge and smoothing tools. I have also just found the selection tools so that I can select an area and confine the marks I make to that area. In that there is a lasso, a magic wand, rectangles and circle shapes to use for selecting. There there is a three finger tap which brings up a quick menu for brush settings, zoom and clear layer.

If you want to use ArtStudio iPad to do some photo editing that can be done too by importing from the camera roll or off the clipboard. All in all the application is an excellent canvas for artists whether you are using your finger to control it or a BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus. I like to use both and it depends on the tool being used from the tool box in the app. Drawing on the iPad will be one of the best iPad uses for styluses or styli.


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Recording audio on iPad with the iRig Microphone

050 iRigMic stand bigNon iPad users for some weird reason ask “Does the iPad have a microphone”, well it does and the iPad microphone location is in the top left corner when you are looking at the front of it. The microphone on the iPad is quite good as an audio voice recorder, but it would be better if we could have an external microphone for iPad so we could do some better recording. One such microphone is the IK multimedia iRig handheld microphone. The iRig microphone is good as an iPad external microphone for all sorts of vocal applications whether you are singing songs or if you are recording something for a podcast.

It connects through the 3.5mm dual mini connector and because of this you can do real-time monitoring on some headphones or speakers. A microphone for iPad of this sort could be very useful if you have been trying to connect your Zoom H2 recorder and found that the iPad doesn’t allow it to be connected.
The Amazing iPad

Recording Quality Audio with the iPad

With a handheld microphone you’re able to get the microphone closer to your mouth, or where the sound is coming from so that you get a better signal-to-noise ratio and a therefore a better recording. There is a three level gain switch which makes it adjustable to strength of sound. So whether somebody is speaking softly or if there is band playing loud rock music, you will get a good recording level in the audio voice recorder.

The build of a microphone good, it is in a tough metal housing and it has a quality electret unidirectional condenser type of microphone. The shape of is is the standard so that it will fit in normal mic stands.

iRig Microphone and iPad Audio Recording Apps

There is some software that comes with the microphone called Vocalive and it has some real-time effects for you use whether you are a singer and vocalist or if you are a podcaster. In the software on the iPad there are a number of different effects such as choir, pitch fix, Phazer and more and there is one which has a image like a tape recorder for simple recordings, how quaint. These effects can be used when you are recording a guitar or when you are recording with a voice using audio voice recorders like the iRig and an iPad.

On the website for iRig microphone they claim that the microphone on iPad will be ideal for singers and vocalists if they are doing live performances or recording sessions. It is unlikely that an inexpensive microphone like this will be used in a studio, but this mic will be very good for quick one-off recordings while out with the iPad. The iRig microphone can also be used with other iPad applications and record audio on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. You might use it for music creation or personal entertainment and also it is good for video, multimedia and gaming applications. When you are recording video on the iPad 2 this microphone will give you hugely better sound quality as it is better than the iPad 2 microphone.

Does iPad have a microphone that is worth using? Yes but an external iPad microphone is always going to be better. When you are looking for audio recorders or accessories microphone based, the iRig iPad solution will answer the does iPad have microphone question and your microphone iPad problem will be sorted.
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Installing iOS5 – Not working for me – Yet

Today I have been trying to get iOS 5 Beta on to my iPad. It is available to developers and I have downloaded it but can’t get it to install. I keep getting a error message. I have tried to follow the instructions to get it to work but nothing doing. Starting to wonder if it is because I am in Spain, it could be only available in the U.S.

Split Onscreen Keyboard

Looking good that there will be a split keyboard on the iPad so that we can type with our thumbs. This will be good for when you are holding the iPad and don’t have it resting on a table or something else. That will save us from having to use thumb extenders or trying to stretch them.
The Amazing iPad

Using PhotoStream

Apple have said that the last 1000 photos we take with the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch will be uploaded to our iCloud account and kept for 30 days. Well it is a bit more than that, the photos go to the iCloud but also come back down to our other devices so that we don’t have to think about transferring them when we dock the iPad to the computer. The photos will already be there. It is a rolling collection of our photos.

Apple  iCloud  New photos on all your devices

Save the shots you want to keep

Assuming that there are photos that you want to keep all you have to do is to move the photo in iPhoto to any other album. That will stop it from disappearing from the Photostream. or you can move a photo from the PhotoStream to the Camera Roll and that will keep it indefinitely on the iPad or iPhone.

Looks like this service will be pretty useful. iOS 5 isn’t coming to everyone until later in the year, developers can download the beta version to try it out. Which is what I am trying to do.

iPhone Decisions to Make

My iPhone3G still works but I like to use it for the iPod facilities much of the time, and that is not working well at all. So I am wondering what I should do about getting another iPhone. I could get one from Apple unlocked for 599 Euro. I have seen them on eBay for €450 and I am tempted.

Maybe though I would be better waiting until the next version comes out and I will get an iPhone 4 cheaper or get the next version if the new features are compelling. I did think about waiting until September when the new iPods generally come out and have one of those instead. With luck they will put in better cameras than there are in there now. I don’t make many phone calls.

What would be nice is to have an iPod with the capabilities of the iPad 3G. it would be really good to have the iPad in that small form factor and I really don’t need the phone calls.

I think I will think about it for a wee bit longer, before deciding what to do. What would you do?
The Amazing iPad

Comments or questions are welcome.

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News From WWDC – iCloud and iOS5 Improvements On The Way.

Overview title

IOS 5 will be bringing a minimum of 200 new features to the amazing iPad and it look rather exciting. There is the **Notification Centre, iMessage NewsStand, Twitter and tabbed browsing in Safari and the experience is all part of a complete experience as Apple sees it glued together with a big helping of iCloud.

Notification Centre

It will be handy to have all the notifications in one place on the amazing iPad. Swiping down from the top of the screen to get to the Notification Centre. From there we can choose which we want to have a look at. Any breaking news from your online social life will be visible.

The Amazing iPad


I wonder if this is an update on iChat which I have never really got into as it didn’t include any of the messaging services that I used. This could be interesting but I will have to see how it is in actual use. Supposed to be able to push out unlimited text messages either over wifi of over 3G. Not just text either as photos, location information, contacts and even video can be be put in the messages.


The moving of magazines and newspapers to digital. It is already heading in that direction with magazines like Wired and The Daily. This puts it in a separate application, taking it out of the iBooks App. Similar look about it but with magazines and newspapers. Apple are getting more in the act with being a news paper seller. Personally I get enough to read and to look at online and I doubt if I will be getting any subscriptions.


This is a To-Do application and there are plenty of those around already. This does work with iCal and iCloud so I wonder if that will make it more useful to work for us as users.


Integrated Twitter

A systemwide integration of tweeting for your iOS device will allow us to send out tweets from all sorts of applications. No problem if we want to add a location to the tweet. It will be handy to have Twitter names of friends in Contacts and it is as easy as pie to tweet a photo. Will I want to tell people exactly where I am from the Maps application – It is possible I suppose.

Safari Enhancements Coming too

Reading list looks interesting, with saving pages to be read later. It brings in the text without the adverts and other bits and pieces on the page. With iCloud it will all be updated on my other devices too.

The Amazing iPad Untethered

Up until iOS 5 it has been necessary to have another computer to get the best form your iPad. Not anymore! Setting up of the iPad can be done over wifi, including iOS updates. Backing up and restoration of the amazing iPad can be done using iCloud.


Other improvements Coming with iOS 5

Mail and the Calendar applications are getting the benefit of the iCloud. Good job too – Mail and iCal were both in dire need of some updating. There will be more multitasking gestures to allow shortcuts and navigation, such a giving a pinch to get back to the home screen. That should save the wear and tear on the home button.

iCloud is the glue that binds it all together

This will be dealt with in a separate blog post – It is 5GB of storage for free. I still have to find out what else is still going to be available from the old Mobile Me service in iCloud. It is not going to be available until Autumn. It does look interesting though. You do get a free email account and contacts and calendar will work in the way that I found very handy when I had a mobile me account. I am tempted to try out the beta that will be available to developers.

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What is the best iPad case – Skin – Folder – Hard Case for iPad?

To start with you have to decide which route you are going down for the best iPad case or best iPad 2 case. There are basic choices to make to start with and that will then lead you to look at a whole mountain of possibilities in each grouping. The third party manufacturers are really jumping into the production of iPad cases.

  1. A skin type case
  2. A soft case like the Apple iPad case
  3. A hard case made of various materials
  4. A specialist type case that has a keyboard to turn it into a netbook computer – Almost.

Some of the best iPad 2 cases or skins will require a screen protector on the front of the screen and with some you could get away without if you are a careful user as I am. Some of the hard cases it is recommended by the makers of the case that you use a screen protector because of the way it connects up or folds together.

The Amazing iPad

iPad Skin type case

IPad Darth Vader Star Wars Vinyl Skin kit for all ipads 3G  16gb 32gb 64gb wifi apple iPads decal cover Skins case High Gloss Finish Everything Else

These cases are soft and are easy to pull over the edges of the iPad for them to be able to stay in place. There are loads of designs you can find and are relatively inexpensive. There are made from either a vinyl or silicone material and because of the low price you could even have a few different ones to use. So for example when you are going to a high powered meeting you can leave the iPad Darth Vader Star Wars Vinyl Skin behind and put one on that is better suited to the occasion. Good job that are quick and easy to change from one skin to another too. You could put on this one Apple iPad 2 silicone skin – black, with touchscreen stylus which despite only being $7.95 to buy also comes with the stylus and is one of the best cases for iPad.

Which ever case you get remember to get the right one for your version of the iPad. I think you will need there to be the holes necessary for the cameras, for a start and also because of the different shape too. A good thing to look out for when researching the best iPad cases, including when you are looking for a hard iPad case. Remember too that there are differences between the iPad 1 cases and the cases for iPad 2.

A Folder Type Case For The iPad

Personally with my iPad I use the Apple case with it. I have seen some nice leather cases though that look very tasty indeed. You can get them in various colours so that you have some personalisation for your iPad. That is certainly a good idea if you are in a work place or where ever that there are a number of iPad users and you have to do something to stand out from the crowd.

There usually some way of the folder case to become a stand also. Good for getting a nice angle to type on when it is on the desk or for when you want it to stand upright so that you have the best case for iPad for you could watch a movie perhaps.

Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve Case for Apple iPad 2 (also fits Apple iPad 1), Black is a case is more of a carrying case for iPad than the folder types. I think with this one the way you would use it is in bare format, possibly with a screen protector on the screen. When you get to where you plan to use the iPad you take out the iPad and put the case to one side. This one does have some good protective features that are good for when the iPad in in the case and being moved from place to place.
Are You A Hard Case Sort Of Person?
One of the things with a hards case for the iPad is that it is probably going to be heavier that the other sorts of cases. The trade off for that though is that you get the best protection. It is usually easier for the manufacturers to make some sort of stand mechanism that will work well with the case.

EMPIRE Premium Rainbow Zebra Design Back Snap On Cover Hard Case for Apple iPad

Hard Case For iPad – Lots of choice

The hard cases for the iPad range from the cases that just snap on to the iPad and really are just one extra layer, to the cases that have a front section that snap to a rear section and also have a silicone layer in between to provide shock absorption. Which ever the type of the design you prefer you will get plain ones and also patterned cases that will reflect your personality. How about the EMPIRE Premium Rainbow Zebra Design Back Snap-On Cover Hard Case for Apple iPad That hard case for iPad is going to look very snazzy on your iPad.

Then we have the best cases for iPad  that have the keyboard with them. It could be a soft case or it could be a hard case like the ZAGGMate. Then you could have the attempt to almost convert the iPad into a sort of netbook, like the case from Writer.

A lot of the decision will come down to which sort of case that suits the way that you use your iPad. Buying the best iPad case is very much a personal preference that is not just about the look of it. Which iPad carrying case did you choose?The Amazing iPad

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Buying a Keyboard Case for the iPad – ClamCase ZAGGmate Writer

When you have an iPad is also a good idea to carry a Bluetooth keyboard with you if you know that you are going to do a lots of typing. Naturally when you carry your iPad with and you have a ipad bluetooth keyboard case for it and so you’re likely to need a keyboard case also. Or a case that will hold both items.

There are some iPad cases that come with a keyboard when you buy them and provide protection for the iPad as well as giving you a keyboard that you can use for some faster typing then using the on-screen keyboard. It completes the set for some users a case for ipad and keyboard.

The Amazing iPad

D-Lux Black Leather IPad Folio Case With Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (Laptop Style Keys)

So there you have one possibility which is to buy a case that comes with a keyboard, but if you have an Apple Bluetooth keyboard already, you might like to look to see if you can find an iPad case or an iPad keyboard carrying case specifically for that keyboard. Clamcase iPad keyboard case When you buy a case for a keyboard, you want it so that the tech is protected and also that the keyboard doesn’t scratch the iPad in transit and it is a good idea if it is a case that doesn’t allow the keyboard to turn itself on while travelling. If the keyboard turns on when you’re travelling it is likely that it will drain the battery of the iPad. So let’s have a look at a couple of iPad keyboard cases.


ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case

ClamCase all-in-one Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad (first generation)

Another possibility is a ZaggMate iPad keyboard case product called the ClamCase, which kind of turns your iPad into a small laptop or a netbook. The ClamCase is in two parts and the bottom part of it has all of the electronic bits of the keyboard. In the top part you can clip your iPad. There is a hinge which connects the two parts of the case into something that looks like a netbook.

A good thing about using a keyboard that is specially made for the iPod rather than the Apple Bluetooth keyboard is that it will come with a row of convenience keys above the numbers. This will add some useful features. There will be a home key, lock and search keys as well as volume controls, play, pause and fast forward.

I’m not sure how well and keyboard and iPad configurations like this would work because you are going to be constantly lifting your fingers from the keyboard to touch the screen to do things. There are some keys on the keyboard that will do things so you don’t have to touch the screen, Zaggmate keyboard case


ZAGGmate Keyboard case for iPad

There is also the Zaggmate iPad case which doesn’t go quite as far as transforming the iPad into a notebook computer, but does come with a keyboard. Also have a look at the leather cases that have a built in Bluetooth keyboard. They also have special keys that will activate iPad 2 features.


When you buy an iPad 2 keyboard case like this you should make sure that you have access to all of the iPad controls and ports. The leather case with keyboard also has some extra keys and the leather folder has a magnetic closure so that the iPad is more protected when it is folded together. The Zaggmate iPad keyboard case looks pretty good too.

Writer, an iPad Keyboard Case

Writer iPad keyboard case

Writer is an iPad keyboard case which they are aiming at professionals it’s quite small and slim and it has a similar sort of design at the hinge as you would find on an Apple keyboard. it is a good looking iPad case with keyboard

Do you really need an ipad case with keyboard?

Quite a lot of people when they see these keyboard cases wonder what is the point of it all. If you have a computer bag that is big enough you can just carry a Apple Bluetooth keyboard if you have a lot of typing to do.The iPad is supposed to be used by touching the on-screen keyboard and be minimalist in terms of you not really needing anything else.

What is your preference? Can you type fast enough on the onscreen keyboard? Will you buy an ipad keyboard case or an iPad case keyboard?


ClamCase all-in-one Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad (first generation)

D-Lux Black Leather IPad Folio Case With Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (Laptop Style Keys)

The Amazing iPad

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Using Scrivener On The Mac And iPad Writing Apps

There probably will not be a Scrivener for iPad. Keith the developer has enough to do with keeping the app for the desktop the best it can be. What he has done though is, worked out ways for us to be able to do the important task of writing on the iPad, so that it will sync back to the Scrivener application. The writing and the grabbing of ideas out of the head to stuff them into the computer is what it is all about, isn’t it. We don’t need to have fancy word processing applications that are just about desktop publishers, in terms of features. We just need a space to put in the text easily and do a little bit of arranging so that we can do the real work back at base. So what are the best writing apps for iPad until there is a Scrivener iPad application for writers that want something for their specific iPad business use?

Which Are the Best Writing Apps For iPad

Here is a list of some writers applications that you can use to help with the writing process on the iPad. The app recommended by Scrivener is SimpleNote and I have to say I like it. It is simple, but does have the feature of a word count that is very handy. I also like NebulousNotes because I can write in Markdown easier and still get it into Scrivener easy by using the sync with folder technique. Syncing with folder works the best when you sync with your dropbox folder. The I mention Edito, which is more markdown orientated and MindNodePro which is a mind mapping application that will output into OPML which is your outlining format. ThinkBook also gets a mention as being a super outliner even if it is a little quirky in operation. There is Pages for writing but it is totally over the top in terms features for a writer using Scrivener. It is more for the one off beautiful page or flyer rather than novel or article writing. Which do you think is the best writing app for iPad?

Get a Bakers dozen of reasons you should be using Scrivener

Hard to imagine that there would be so many note taking applications available for your iPad. There is more than just taking notes when you’re thinking about using a note-taking application. You can also do notes for audio, video, you have photos, bookmarks and diagrams, and you can even do illustrations. You have to consider the look and feel of how the application actually does the job with the writer organisation and tagging for example. You have some simple note taking applications that just give you the basics and input of text. Notes takers like Simplenote, Notes or PlainText just give you the basics. More or less just the writing of a title and writing the rest of it in the plainest of text.

Also you will find writers applications like Notarize or even more so NebulousNotes in which you can put a whole lot more than just text. You can have all your notes alongside your text. When you use Evernote it might be that you won’t need anything else because you can do clipping of text, include audio and pictures and you have the excellent synchronisation, so that you can have your writing everywhere you have Evernote installed.


Byword is a favourite of mine for longer pieces of writing on the iPad. What is so good is the iCloud synchronisation. I know that I will have whatever I have written ready to put into Scrivener when I get back home to the iMac.

If you are using Scrivener on your Mac or even on Windows, is good to have an application that you can synchronise with Scrivener. SimpleNote is one of those applications although if you synchronise a folder you can you use something like NebulousNnotes which has a better keyboard for writers. For writing on the iPad I’d like to have the application which supports the use of TextExpander. TextExpander will expand snippets of text for you so that you can do less typing. It does save a huge amount of time. Simple note has a couple of nice little tricks. One of them is where you click on a icon of a clock and you have access to backups of your notes. It is easy to publish one of your notes to a web page and then you can send your link to wherever you wish. What would be good is if we had a Scrivener for iPad.

With *SimpleNote you can use tags that lets you share notes with others. If you hit the ‘i’ info button, you’ll get more information about your writing, including a word count and the number of characters. That can be very useful when you’re working towards a target for a minimum number of words for example.

The Fabulous NebulousNotes

For some time now, my favourite writing application for the iPad has been NebulousNotes. it does just about all I want to do for me, when I’m writing. It is easy to use and it has access to Dropbox. I’m able to use textexpander and it also has an extra row off keys The extra row of keys allows you to have programmable of text or characters which is very good if you’re writing markdown, which I do quite often now. Nebulous also has four different themes for changing they look of the app when you are using it.

Notarize the note taker

Notarize is not so much a writers application more of and app for taking notes in meetings or lectures. You can do highlighting, use an eraser as well as use all your notes. You can share documents as PDFs. And you can export the audio through the document folder and get it into iTunes. It also allows you to write hand written notes and because of this they have a 15% discount deal with the stylus Pogo sketch which allows you to do writing better on your iPad.

Weirdo Edito

Edito for iPad is an editor that is optimised for if you want to write your text in Markdown format. it doesn’t do some of the other features that you find in other writers applications for the iPad but is a very useful application all the same. It also has the extra row of keys and this gives you access to the characters you need to write Markdown, like the star or asterix symbol, square and round brackets. Edito gives us a good way to write simple webpages. There are CSS files that show you your document formatted in a few different ways. Edito lets you export your text – either as plain text markdown text or as converted to HTML. It is still one of the useful iPad writing apps for writers.

ThinkBook is a Oddity

ThinkBook is a new application for the iPad. It does have a strange interface and it does come with other features you wouldn’t expect, such as a to-do list and questions that you can check and answer. It certainly will completely baffle you when you start to use it. I think though it is probably worth taking the time to learn exactly what ThinkBook does. It does connect with your Dropbox account, which has to be the best way to [move or copy files to iPad].

Thinkbook is very good if you want to use it as a outliner you can move things around within the outline of the notes and reorganise text really very easily. You can actually use ThinkBook as a get things done type of application as you can combine checkboxes questions, and you can also have dashboards, projects, pages and notes. ThinkBook as an outliner is a different way of working and could be just thing that you are looking for.

Non Linear Thinking And Writing

MindNodePro is a application which allows you to get your ideas out of your head and into your computer in the disorganised way that suits most brains. It is a mind mapping application which is a really good way to get your ideas formed in such a way as you can organise your writing and develop further. A very good writers tool.

While MindNode Pro is a very good tool, the one I have settled on since writing this post initially is iThoughts. I talk about this in my book The Good and Geeky Writers Workflow. At the bottom of this post you will see an invitation to subscribe to the Good and Geeky Books newsletter to get 20% discount off Scrivener. Join the party and I’ll give you the book for free too.

Pages The Word Processor From Apple

in fact Pages is much more than a word processor. Its more of a desktop publishing application, you have a number of templates that allow you to create report cards, posters, flyers and newsletters. You can easily add pictures into your documents and it does some text wrapping to flow text around those images. There is a media browser for adding your photos and videos and Pages is more of a finishing off tool than a writers tool. Depending on the type of writing that you do Pages could be just what you’re looking for if you’re requiring really good beautiful pages and if you want to have pictures and videos in there. You can copy documents to your MobileMe iDisk or to a WebdDAV service, you can also use iTunes file sharing.

Recommendations for using Writing tools on the iPad – Writing Apps For iPad

After you have got set up with Scrivener for writers on your desktop machine and you have a DropBox account. In your first projects set up one that is to sync with a DropBox folder and set up one that is set for syncing with SimpleNote and see which you like the best. Test using ThinkBook and MindNodePro for doing outlining on the iPad and getting those documents into Scrivener. You will soon have a good writers workflow using iPad writing apps that will allow your creativity to flow out of your head and into some finished works. I doubt if Scrivener for iPad as an application will be necessary.


Get a Bakers dozen of reasons you should be using Scrivener


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